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Our company headquarters is located in the international metropolis Hong Kong, where East meets West, and our aesthetic concept is a crossover between Londoner Fred W. and local designer Dicpiero. The name of our company 'waveooo' originated from the ocean, with the letter 'W' and the three dots on top of it representing dynamic waves that keep on pushing forward in the ocean.

"I try to artistically reflect what I see, think and feel in the moment." -Dicpiero

We aim to create fashionable, stylish and elegant designs with high artistic and collectible value. As shown by our company name, we draw inspiration from nature and things that are surrounding us in the world we live in. Therefore there is a story and a meaning behind each of our designs and they reflect what is happening around us. There are three main collections: the Dynamic Collection, the Classic Collection and the Petit Collection. Featuring 'Halia', 'Mors', 'Seraph', 'Yin' and 'Yang', the Dynamic Collection reflects ambition, competitiveness and the desire for power, strength and a balanced state of body and mind. The Classic Collection, such as 'Oxygen', 'Dahlia' and 'Lemon', is nature-inspired, stylish, elegant and suitable to mix-and-match, where as the Petit Collection has a slimmer, finer and more graceful design but remains bright and cheerful. By intergrating nature into part of our daily lives and transforming it into a fashionable item, we hope to offer our appreciators more choice in this homogenous world and show their fashion and lifestyle attitude. At the same time, we want to encourage them to pay more attention to the things around us and cherish what nature has given us.

We focus to create something that is high quality and long lasting in terms of practicality and fashion sense. For our belt collection the first layer of the genuine leather is used, which has finer texture, softer feel and longer durability than artificial leather. Because of the fine fibrous tissues on the top layer, our belts are permeable, wear-resisting and tensile with a touch of elegance and timelessness.

"Our ideas usually clash with each other, which we actually like, as this allows our designs to be born in a subtle disharmony and enhances their beauty." -waveooo
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